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spwd - Sample golang /proc to Web Daemon

Sample golang /proc filesystem parser.

Can be used like “top”, but from browser to control system load, etc. Also can be used to send system load data to elacticsearch instance.

GitHub repository -> Jenkins build server -> RPMS repository, SRPMS repository

To use it, install local repository Local repository then run yum install command:

yum install spwd
service spwd start

Now you can access to daemon - http://hostname:4000. By befault access limited only to

To configure, edit config file

vim /opt/spwd/spwd.gcfg

then restart

service spwd restart

Config file example

;Defaulf config
;Update statictics data in miliiseconds
UpdateInterval = 5000
;Send statictics data in seconds
SendInterval = 60
Listen = localhost:4000
Allow =
MaxPoints = 50
;Time to refresh page, min
TimeToRefresh = 10
;Time to reload data, sec
TimeToReload = 2
Url = http://localhost:9200
;Additional host id
HostId = default_host_id
;Send main data to elasticsearch index spwd with type proc
Send = false
;Send processes data to elasticsearch index spwd with type processes
SendProcesses = false
;Process data will be sended to elastiicsearch when process processor load (%) > LoadTreshold
LoadTreshold = 0.1
;or process memory usage (%) > MemTreshold
MemTreshold = 0.1