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Install rhev agent into CentOS 6.x guest VM

rhev-agent rpm’s builded from RedHat src rpm’s

Add repo, same as described in “Installation tips” section.

yum -y install rhevm-guest-agent rhevm-guest-agent-pam-module

chkconfig rhev-guest-agentd on
service rhev-guest-agentd start

Install rhev agent into CentOS 5.x guest VM

rhev-agent rpm’s builded from RedHat src rpm’s

wget http://www.dreyou.org/ovirt/misc/rhev-agent-2.3.16-3.noarch.rpm
yum -y --nogpgcheck localinstall rhev-agent-2.3.16-3.noarch.rpm

chkconfig rhev-agentd on
service rhev-agentd start

Using SPICE console

You can use Firefox with spice-xpi to run spice client from ovirt management console.

yum install spice-xpi

Also you can use SPICE console from Google Chrome.

Get patched (rpm builded from rhev srpms using this info) spice-xpi-2.7-22.el6.i686.rpm or spice-xpi-2.7-22.el6.x86_64.rpm

wget http://www.dreyou.org/ovirt/misc/spice-xpi-2.7-22.el6.i686.rpm


wget http://www.dreyou.org/ovirt/misc/spice-xpi-2.7-22.el6.x86_64.rpm

Then remove standart spice-xpi

yum remove spice-xpi

And install patched package

yum localinstall spice-xpi-2.7-22.el6.i686.rpm