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spwd - Sample golang /proc to Web Daemon

Sample golang /proc filesystem parser.

Can be used like “top”, but from browser to control system load, etc. Also can be used to send system load data to elacticsearch instance.

GitHub repositoryJenkins build serverRPMS repository/SRPMS repository

To use it, install local repository (Local repository) then run yum install command:

yum install spwd
service spwd start

Now you can access to daemon - http://hostname:4000. By befault access limited only to

To configure, edit config file

vim /opt/spwd/spwd.gcfg

then restart

service spwd restart

Config file example

;Defaulf config
;Update statictics data in miliiseconds
UpdateInterval = 5000
;Send statictics data in seconds
SendInterval = 60
Listen = localhost:4000
Allow =
MaxPoints = 50
;Time to refresh page, min
TimeToRefresh = 10
;Time to reload data, sec
TimeToReload = 2
Url = http://localhost:9200
;Additional host id
HostId = default_host_id
;Send main data to elasticsearch index spwd with type proc
Send = false
;Send processes data to elasticsearch index spwd with type processes
SendProcesses = false
;Process data will be sended to elastiicsearch when process processor load (%) > LoadTreshold
LoadTreshold = 0.1
;or process memory usage (%) > MemTreshold
MemTreshold = 0.1
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