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 +=====self-hosted management VM health problem=====
 + by
 +Occasionally,​ a situation arises where due to internal problems with self-hosted management VM, system which monitors its health begins to turn it down. The hardest thing in this situation, that it begins to turn it down immediately after turning it on, thus making it impossible to correct the situation. ​
 +To remedy this situation, it is necessary to translate the system into maintenance mode, thereby disabling the tracking state of this VM.
 +  sudo hosted-engine --set-maintenance --mode=global
 +Then start VM
 +  sudo hosted-engine --vm-start
 +Then connect to this VM to detect and resolve problems
 +Do not forget to turn off maintenance mode
 +  sudo hosted-engine --set-maintenance --mode=none
 +You can test system state using command (do it after each step, to be shure in right system state)
 +  sudo hosted-engine --vm-status
 =====ovirt-shell not starting===== =====ovirt-shell not starting=====
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 **virt_use_sanlock** and **virt_use_nfs** must be **//on//**, if not set it: **virt_use_sanlock** and **virt_use_nfs** must be **//on//**, if not set it:
-  setsebool -virt_use_sanlock=on +  setsebool -virt_use_sanlock=on 
-  setsebool -virt_use_nfs=on+  setsebool -virt_use_nfs=on
 =====Vm failed to start with sanlock socket error - No such file or directory===== =====Vm failed to start with sanlock socket error - No such file or directory=====
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