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oVirt Engine 3.1 Stable

oVirt 3.1 Release Notes

Version 3.1-stable builds

Installation tips

Adding repo to hosts and management server
sudo wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d/

Chek if ovirt31-dre, vdsm31-dre repositories enabled by default in /etc/yum.repos.d/ovirt-dre.repo (enable=1).

yum clean all

yum makecache
Node preparation

Check that the engine FQDN is resolvable from the node (For example, edit /etc/hosts).

Check that the CentOS version is 6.3, make update if needed.

yum update

Install ovirt-engine

Install ovirt engine

Add epel repositories for python-ply, python-kitchen needed by ovirt-engine-cli (

Install python-ply and python-kitchen

yum install python-ply python-kitchen

Install ovirt-engine and ovirt-engine-cli, but disable epel repositories, which contains other ovirt-engine-cli and ovirt-engine-sdk packages

yum --disablerepo=epel install ovirt-engine ovirt-engine-cli
Configure ovirt engine

Now you can enter to engine console and add you node to cluster.


If you have some problems while installing engine or running Vms look here.

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