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Build information

Dec 11 2012 - added qemu-rhev and sanlock 2.3-4 packages builded from redhat srpms

Mar 11 2013 - latest build (buid-17)

Vdsm notes:

v 4.10.0-0.46 (.17), builded from b59c8430b2a511bcea3bc1a954eee4ca1c0f4861 (branch ovirt-3.1)

Changes from original packages:

  • added softdog module autoloading
  • added local build number to rpm release info
  • turn off initctl check for libvirtd
  • move my nonstandart hooks (simpleqemu,snfilter) to separate repo
  • correct error “KVM version not showing in Ovirt Manager” when using qemu-rhev instead quemu
  • added patches


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