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Latest build - Jun 07 2013 (buid-43)

Engine notes:

This build is corresponds to oVirt 3.2.2

v (.43), builded from git - f28fd335e08070bab4351775d2c85710d28e13f9 (tag 3.2.2)

Changes from original packages:

  • corrected ovirt-engine-dwh startup script to using ssl keystore with oVirt CA certificate
  • add jasperreports-server 4.7.0 rpm builded from fedora srpm
  • add rhevm-guest-agent builded from rhevm source rpm
  • replace pc-0.14 with pc for EmulatedMachine
  • added local build number to rpm release info
  • jboss-as-7.1.1 replaced with ovirt-engine-jbossas711 (rpm builded from full binary JbossAS 7.1.1.Final distribution)
  • added missing requirement for apr packge
  • added patches from upstream version:


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